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Tatuaje Pudgy Monsters

Tatuaje Pudgy Monster Sampler: This is a sampler pack that contains smaller versions of the six popular Monster Series releases, as well as two additional unreleased blends. Included in the sampler are:
(1) Frank
(1) Drac
(1) Face
(1) Wolf
(1) Mummy
(1) Jason
(2) Chuck
(2) Tiff

Singles Now Available!
We broke open the Pudgy Monster boxes! Now we're selling the sticks as singles - if you have a favorite blend out of the Monster Series, stock up!

Please note, these are NOT the original "Monster Series" singles! These are from the PUDGY monster box. The original Monsters, The Frank, The Drac, The Face, The Wolfman, Frank Jr. Lil' Drac, Baby Face, Wolfie, Mini Mum, The Mummy, The JV13, The Jekyll, and the Hyde are different releases in different sizes. These Pudgy Monsters are from 2014. An excellent in depth difference can be seen on Halfwheel's Tatuaje Monster Series Family page.