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CAO Pilón

The famous CAO brand has a new line named after an older, now seldom used and labor intensive fermentation process dating back to 19th century Cuba known as circular ‘Pilones” (Spanish for ‘trough’ or ‘basin’). In the CAO Pilón, CAO is resurrecting this costly fermentation method, the circular pilón. A standard tobacco pilón is basically a pile of tobacco ‘hands,’ which are 10-15 tobacco leaves tied together that are then hand placed and layered together in a circular pattern creating a volcano shaped cone called a pilón. In this fashion the tobacco hands are allowed to heat up and ferment naturally at a slower rate than if the hands were pressed together which enhances the flavor and the color of the leaves.

The CAO blending team opted to apply the time-honered pilón fermentation technique exclusively to the silky Cuban-seed Ecuadorian wrapper and prized Nicaraguan fillers and binder of the CAO Pilón cigar. The result is a medium-bodied, balanced cigars that bear a deep, rich color and an incredible depth of flavor including delicious notes of spice, cedar, and a touch of natural tobacco sweetness.

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