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Cohiba Luxury Selection

The Cohiba Luxury Selection was a very special limited edition from the ultra-luxury Cohiba brand that was introduced at the 2014 IPCPR Convention. Only 500 boxes of ten were produced and they sold out to retailers at the Convention very fast. The cigar uses a Meerapfel African Gold Cameroon wrapper that has been aged for five years plus at least six months in rum barrels, a Mexican San Andrés binder and a filler blend that has Dominican Piloto Cubano, Dominican Olor and Brazilian Mata Fina leaves.

Cohiba's most exclusive offering to date, this extraordinary cigar’s hallmark is its rare wrapper tobacco varietal harvested from an equatorial African forest in Cameroon (the Kadei forest which is the second most densely populated forest in the world) that is grown by the Meerapfel family who have been growing tobacco in Africa for over five generations. Cohiba also uses a proprietary fermentation technique for the filler and binder leaves. The filler and binder leaves are stacked in 300 pound volcano-shaped cones called pilones (as opposed to bales) and misted with a proprietary solution of citrus juice, molasses, and various herbs and spices in the center and all around. The pilon is covered in plastic to allow the leaves to absorb those flavors over the course of three months. Once that fermentation is done and the leaves are rolled into cigars, they are then aged in rum barrels with additional Cameroon leaves and cedar for five to six weeks to further enhance the flavor. Cohiba says that the entire labor-intensive process that the cigars and tobacco undergo is something never seen before and is what truly differentiates the Cohiba Luxury Selection from the rest of the cigar market. The end result of all this aging and unique fermentation process is a cigar that is medium bodied, smooth, complex, floral, and leathery, with subtle citrus hints and sweet tobacco flavors.

Each cigar is packaged in an individual sealed clear acrylic coffin. The coffins are packaged in boxes of ten in very sleek boxes. There are two bands on the Luxury Selection LS No. 1 with one band overlaying the other. The lower band is platinum in color. On the lower section of that band is the text “LUXURY SELECTION” in chrome colored font. Another platinum band sits over that lower band. On that overlaying band is faded gold striped trim across the top and bottom. . In between the gold stripes is the Cohiba logo in chrome colored font featured the famed Cohiba red-dot inside the “O.”

Cohiba has produced another Luxury Selection cigar for 2015 called the LS No. 2 which will be a 6 x 52 Toro. The LS No. 2 will be arriving December 1st, 2015.

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LS No. 1 (7 1/4 X 52)
Box of 10
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LS No.2 (6 X 52)
Box of 10
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Name: Luxury Selection
Strength: Medium
Wrapper: Cameroon
Origin: Dominican Republic
Filler: Brazilian, Dominican
Binder: Mexican
Color Of Cigar: Natural
Is Packaged In Tube: Yes
Shape: Double Corona, Toro
Flavored: No
Pressed: No
Has Tip: No
Sweet: No
Machine Made: No


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