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Crowned Heads Arrington Vineyards

The Arrington Vineyards Double-W was a store exclusive release from Crowned Heads of only 200 10 ct. boxes in 2014.

From Halfwheel.com:

"Crowned Heads is set to release another exclusive blend, this time for Arrington Vineyards in Arrington, Tenn. The aptly named Arrington Vineyards Double-W—which stands for Whiskey and Wine—is a completely new blend composed of a Ecuadorian habano wrapper from the sixth priming, along with binder and filler tobaccos from Nicaragua. The inspiration for the new 6 x 50 toro is the Arrington Vineyards Antebellum wine, which is aged for one year in oak wine barrels before being aged an additional six months in Tennessee whisky barrels.

'I took a real very personal interest in this project since Arrington Vineyards is local and we believe in supporting local business,' Crowned Heads co-owner Jon Huber told halfwheel. 'It wasn’t too difficult to find inspiration in a wine as unique as ‘Antebellum.’ After tasting that wine, my main objective was to create a flavor profile that complimented the wine, as opposed to over-powering it, and also a smoking experience that would stand alone apart from the wine, as well.'

The Arrington Vineyards Double-W will be an ongoing release, although only 200 boxes of 10 will arrive in the first shipment. It will be sold by both Arrington Vineyards and local tobacconist Franklin Cigars in Franklin, Tenn. The cigars are being rolled at My Father Cigars S.A. in Estelí, Nicaragua, which has been the production site for four other Crowned Heads releases this year: Las Calaveras, Jericho Hill, Tennessee Waltz and The Mason-Dixon Project."

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