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Foundry Elements, Compounds, and Musings

18 blends, 12 cigars, and limited to boot, the Elements Series by Foundry is one of those cigars that if you're anything like me, you're going to have to try one of each. There is practically no information on the blends used for these cigars, they're not going to come out again, and they're not going to be retired at the same time - so in short, you're going to have to get them when you can, however you can, if you wanna catch'm all!

    Lithium: powering everything these days, pays homage to the element we use to capture energy. The cigar is made of Nicaraguan, Mexican, and Mystery Tobacco.

    Cobalt, the element used in everything from the color to alloys, pays homage to the the word "Kobold" in German, meaning Goblin. It contains Nicaraguan, Mexican, and Mystery tobacco.

    Dubnium is the Chesire Cat; it beckons us onward to "explore the unexplored and discover the undiscovered."

    Carbon: From diamonds to saw blades, the deep exotic spicy notes in this cigar have made it a favorite out of the periodic-table inspired sticks from Foundry.

    Uranium: Mysterious as the element itself, all that's known about the cigar is that it's B&M only, and from the Dominican Republic.

    10ct Sampler: Not tried any of Foundry's Limited Release cigars? Now's a great time! At 50% off retail, they're a steal!

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