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Prometheus 2018 LE God of Fire Magma X

The 2018 Limited Edition God of Fire Magma X - Jet Turbo Flat Flame is a triple flame lighter that has a flame that appears flat. The Magma X is based on the design of the very popular Prometheus Magma T table lighter but 20% smaller. It is still a hefty utilitarian lighter that would look good as a table lighter but with the portability to still fit in your pocket. The 2013 God of Fire Magma X has a sharp built in punch cutter. It is available in White with Black Trim (White & Black) and Black with White Trim (Black & White). Both colors are displayed in the pictures on this page.

The 2018 LE God of Fire Magma X is produced in jet turbo flat flame whereas the regular Prometheus Magma X models have a typical triple torch flame.

Only 500 are released in each color and each lighter is serial-numbered.

Jet Turbo Flat Flame, Wind-Resistant.

Patented Built-in Double Punch Cutters (U.S. Patent 6,298,856 & 6,732,741).

Dimensions: 2.83 inch x 1.45 x 0.75 (72 mm x 37 x 19).

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God of Fire Black & White Magma X Lighter
God of Fire White & Black Magma X Lighter
Name: 2018 LE God of Fire Magma X
Flame Type: Triple
Lighter Color: White
Ignition Type: Piezo
Refillable: Yes
Lighter Misc.: Has Cutter, Has Punch


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