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Alec Bradley Alec Bradley Seconds Bundles

Made from the same stuff as the high end line, but sorted out due to minor problems like color imperfections, the Alec Bradley Seconds bundles are incredible smokes at an incredible price! If you're looking to smoke on a budget, or maybe you've got a party to please, these Alec Bradley Seconds are an easy way to put smiles on faces without breaking the bank!

Alec Bradley Seconds Tempus Maduro Bundles:

Alec Bradley introduced the Tempus Maduro line after its very high ratings on the Tempus which is chock full of rich and robust Honduran and Nicaraguan tobaccos. For the Tempus Maduro, this filler blend was draped in a gorgeous dark San Andres Maduro wrapper. These seconds were made as Tempus Maduros in the same Raices Cubanas factory but did not meet its exacting standards for aesthetics and may have minor blemishes. They smoke just as good as the Tempus Maduro labeled cigars for a fraction of the cost!