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Cavalier Geneve BII Viso Jalapa

A new cigar made entirely of Nicaraguan tobaccos.

For the first time, Cavalier Genève is releasing a cigar with a viso Jalapa, Nicaragua wrapper.

“We have been preparing the arrival of the BII Viso Jalapa for a long time and are really excited to see it shipping to our retail partners across the country.”

“We believe that the line is a different and exciting take on the viso Jalapa leaf. This line complements what Cavalier Genève’s portfolio offers.”

-Sebastien Decoppet, founder of Cavalier Genève

Made at Fabrica Centroamericana de Tabaco S.A. in Danlí, Honduras.

Earlier this year, Cavalier Genève moved all of its production to the factory.

Like other Cavalier cigars, the wrapper contains a diamond shaped 24-karat edible gold flake, It is made to be left on the cigar and smoked through, creating a unique smoking experience!