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Arturo Fuente Opus X Angel's Share

As one of the rarest items in the cigar industry,
We had to let you know Fuente Fuente OpusX Angels Share is BACK!

The term “Angel’s Share” is commonly used in the spirits world. Makers of Cognac, Scotch, Bourbon and other brown, long-aged spirits lose a decent portion of their product due to evaporation. The lost vapor is said to be enjoyed by the angels of heaven, and has been dubbed “the angel’s share.”

Arturo Fuente had a massive fire summer of 2011, that caused one of the family’s tobacco warehouses in the Dominican Republic to burst into flames, burning thousands of bales of tobacco, including a few that had been aging for decades. Fuente Jr. has said that "The angels enjoyed the smoke, and where he got the idea for the name of this line."