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Arturo Fuente OpusX Forbidden 2020 Release

Four new versions of OpusX ForbiddenX 13, two of which are NEW SIZES!

OpusX ForbiddenX 13 Deseos d’Amor (5 1/4 x 50)
OpusX ForbiddenX 13 El Beso Prohibido (5 3/4 x 52)
OpusX ForbiddenX 13 Pasion d’Amor (6 1/8 x 48)
OpusX ForbiddenX 13 Amor Sensual (6 1/8 x 54)

Apparent by the look this isn’t the same as the original.

The most obvious change THE PACKAGING!

The cigars are wrapped in cedar sleeves, something diffrent from the original
ForbiddenX 13 release.

If you smoked the original ForbiddenX 13 in the past, it’s obvious that these new sizes have a different shade wrapper compared to the 2011 and 2018 releases.

"Forbidden X is the evolution of the Fuente Fuente Opus X. This line contains the rarest selections of tobacco born from Chateau de la Fuente. In true ToyMaker style, Carlito ages this mysterious blend in Forbidden barrels in a secret area of our beloved factory. This line encapsulates the mystical and spiritual essence of the gods."