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Arturo Fuente Don Carlos The Man and The Legend

DON CARLOS THE MAN & THE LEGEND (2 boxes of 20 cigars each & humidor)

Anthony's Cigar Emporium has two full sets of The Legend Humidors and 40 The Man cigars, plus it is making available the The Legend Humidor separately and the Don Carlos The Man cigar in singles and in boxes!

The Legend Humidor measures 15 inches wide by 8 1/8 tall and 10 3/4 inches deep. Fuente advertises the humidor as being capable of holding up to 150 cigars. Like most large desktop humidors, it includes a tray that allows for separation within the main storage area. But that’s not all; on the back lower side of the humidor, there’s a separate compartment. It’s opened by pressing a button that is a copy of Fuente Sr.’s fingerprint. Firmly press the fingerprint—or really anywhere on the bottom tray—and a drawer pops open!

Don Carlos The Man is an extremely rare Fuente cigar that were only available for purchase (2 boxes of 20) in conjuction with each The Legend Humidor. This limited production cigar was based on the original Don Carlos blended by Carlos Sr., but with some modifications made by the younger "Carlito" Fuente. He’s also stated that the fillers come from the company’s Chateau de la Fuente farms in the Dominican Republic.