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Davidoff Cigars Davidoff Royal

Davidoff Royal: The finest cigar fit for the finest celebrations.

The Davidoff Royal are limited production cigars which are only available through selected Davidoff Appointed Merchants. Both the Royal Salomon and the Royal Robusto are absolutely breathtaking cigar. With a complex blend of aged tobaccos from the Dominican Republic and Ecuador, these connoisseur's smokes deliver full-bodied richness and complexity with balance and finesse that builds and changes throughout the grand formats. Five rare, aged Ligero tobaccos blend to create Royal’s perfume, an opening of cedar notes before spices and wood flavors lead to leather and floral perfumes. These flavors transform a mild, smooth start into the sensual pleasure of wood, earth and floral honey, before wafting away on a strong, creamy finish.

From Davidoff: "Davidoff’s Royal Series is expertly and meticulously crafted for life’s happiest occasions -- moments of celebration that insist on only the best cigars. Never has a cigar been created to fill time more beautifully."

PLEASE NOTE - PREORDER: We expect that Davidoff will be shipping the newest Royal Robusto 10 ct. Boxes on November 15th, 2015. If you order the Royal Robusto 10 ct. boxes, you will be reserving your box and your payment will be processed at the time of purchase. As soon as we receive the Royal Robustos, we will ship them to you immediately! For questions or updates, call us at 1-844-4CIGARS.