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CAO Amazon

The CAO Amazon Trilogy line showcases 3 unique cigars.

The Amazon Basin utilizes rare organic tobacco cultivated at small farms in remote regions of the Amazonian Rainforest, harvested just once every 3 years. No artificial chemicals or fertilizers are used. They are transported by canoe from the rainforest and delivered to the CAO factories.

The Amazon Fuma em Corda consists of Brazilian Arapiraca tobacco that is fermented in ropes. To craft the amazing and unique flavors, the Brazilian Arapiraca Fuma En Corda tobacco was combined with the Brazilian Braganca tobacco. This was used in the filler with some Honduran and Nicaraguan tobacco. The cigar was finished with a Cameroon binder and Honduran Colorado wrapper - a genuine international blend!

The CAO Amazon Basin series incorporates a rare, low-yield Brazilian tobacco varietal called Bragança. The CAO Amazon Anaconda release adds another low yield Brazilian tobacco known as Bahiano Habano which is used as the wrapper. As the name indicates, the Bahiano Habano comes from the Bahia region of Brazil.