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Caldwell The Last Tsar

Caldwell's The Last Tsar began as a very secretive limited edition blend to celebrate its anniversary. The first 500 box limited edition release was the Belicoso and was followed by the Churchill in 2015, but now four sizes (including the original Belicoso and Churchill) are available as a very limited regular production cigar available only at select Caldwell retailers based on the original limited edition blends. The Last Tsar features a Connecticut Arapiraca hybrid maduro wrapper, and it is a high-end full bodied cigar. Robert Caldwell has said about The Last Tsar: "They are going to be the fullest bodied cigar in the Caldwell Collection, yet palatable for most smokers."

Since the original limited edition releases we know more about The Last Tsar. It's wrapped in a "hybrid" Connecticut Arapiraca maduro from the United States, and uses 100% Dominican binders and fillers. Caldwell has said that he used Dominican HVA 20/20, Carbonell, Corojo and Negrito tobaccos in the blend. Unlike the first release, the newest Last Tsar cigar was made at the company's new Caldwell Cigar Factory in the Dominican Republic.

Caldwell The Last Tsar has a nuanced combination of sweetness and spice with cedar, cocoa, and pepper notes. The Last Tsar is a high end cigar worthy of a great occassion, or just a good day! Robert Caldwell has described it as: "full in body, creamy smooth, rich as hell - and salty." It uses the same wrapper leaf as the Eastern Standard line, an Arapiraca/Connecticut Shade Hybrid Maduro. However, the wrapper leaf was fermented longer and processed a little differently than the Eastern Standard making it difficult to work with. As Robert Caldwell said: "it was a pain in the ass to make, we lost a ton of tobacco when making it because it was more of an experiment than anything to use that wrapper in that way." The blend of The Last Tsar includes another rare tobacco called Carbonell which Caldwell has described as a "really cool tobacco that has incensy aroma to it." He further said that the blend is completely unique to anything he has smoked before, describing them as full-bodied, yet very refined.