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EPC Cigars Short Run Retro

EPC Cigar Co. Short Run 2021

The company said the line will use an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, Nicaraguan binder and Dominican and Nicaraguan tobacco in the filler.

Offered in three sizes, each coming in 24-count boxes:
E.P. Carrillo Short Run Retro 2021 Short Play (5 x 50) (Box of 24)
E.P. Carrillo Short Run Retro 2021 Extended Play (6 x 52) (Box of 24)
E.P. Carrillo Short Run Retro 2021 Long Play (6 x 60) (Box of 24)

The first batch of cigars is scheduled to ship to only 150 retailers and will account for 40,000 cigars.

EPC Short Run 2022 Maduro

The crazy success of the short run 2021 prompted the company to run it back again, this time with a USA Maduro wrapper! The supply is the same, only being sent to select retailers and supply is very limited!