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Crowned Heads Jericho Hill

The fourth regular production cigar from Crowned Heads to involve music, the Jericho Hill line you might have noticed is a reference to Johnny Cash's "Cocaine Blues", a story about a man named Willy Lee. The entire line references the song in some way - the .44S being the caliber of the antagonist's gun, LBV - "Long Black Veil", and OSB "Orange Blossom Special" being tracks also present on the album. But don't worry - you don't have to be a Johnny Cash fan to appreciate just how good of a smoke this is. The Jericho Hill line features a beautiful black Mexican San Andrés wrapper around Nicaraguan binder and filler blends. Thick and rich flavors of molasses, chili pepper, light hints of citrus, and wet earthiness abound in this complex, full bodied cigar with aromas of roasted coffee beans and cocoa courtesy of the San Andrés wrapper leaf.

Like the famous Crowned Heads LAs Calaveras limited edition, the Jericho Hill is produced at My Father Cigars, S.A. Jon Huber, owner of Crowned Heads has described the entire line: “The smoke is a full-throttle experience that assaults the palate at break-neck speed, races around your mouth for 100 miles, and leaves your taste buds in a cloud of power, intensity, and excitement.” The Jericho Hill is packaged in antiqued wooden boxes of 24, in keeping with Crowned Head’s western motifs.