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Partagas Aniversario

Partagas cigars have been long regaled by connoisseurs for their consistently superior taste and meticulous construction. These attributes were steeped in the brand's Cuban roots and are celebrated this year on it's 170th anniversary. For the famous Partagas 150 and the Partagas 160, Partagas has used ultra-premium Cameroon wrappers. The Partagas Aniversario also uses an aged Cameroon wrapper cultivated by the Meerapfel family exclusively for General Cigar Co. in the equatorial Kadei forest of Cameroon, which is in the eastern part of the country bordering the Central African Republic. The soil in Kadei is described as being rich enough that it does not require the use of fertilizer. Being harvested from the highest priming of the tobacco plant, the wrapper leaf lends a layered, nuanced approach to the art of the cigar, imparting notes of earth and sweetness.

In addition, the Partagas Aniversario uses a Connecticut Habano binder, and fillers from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua, including “Nicaraguan Guardian leaf,” another proprietary leaf grown by General Cigar Co. The Partagas Aniversario was four years in development before being released. The Partagas Aniversario is exquisitely packaged in ten count boxes.