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Viaje Exclusivo Leaded

In 2010 Viaje released an iconic 5 ¾ x 52 Double Perfecto format called the Double Edged Sword that was a Nicaraguan puro using a criollo wrapper. Only 3,125 cigars were produced and it is now highly sought after by Viaje collectors.

In 2017 Viaje is releasing the Double Edged Sword for the second time in the very popular Exclusivo Leaded blend. The Viaje Exclusivo Leaded Double Edged Sword will be the second release of the Exclusivo Leaded, which is an all-Nicaraguan blend using medio tiempo leaves. Medio Tiempo is one of the highest priming leafs that only grows on a very small percentage of tobacco plants – so it is often quite limited. Medio tiempo is known to provide strength, body, and flavor.

The Viaje Exclusivo Leaded Double Edged Sword is packaged in boxes of 25 stamped Leaded in red and the cigar has the Exclusivo Leaded label with a red and black Viaje logo.